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Questions About the Catawba Biogas Announcement

Last Wednesday, AnsonEDP announced that Catawba Biogas would be building a $15 million poultry waste to natural gas conversion plant near Lilesville. Since then, our shop has been fielding a few common questions and we thought it might be useful to post those answers here on our blog.

Is Catawba Biogas the same company that proposed a poultry waste digester near Wadesboro in 2017?

No. This is a completely different company with a completely different technology.

Who owns Catawba Biogas?

Catawba Biogas is owned by Ductor North America, Inc., a company based in Finland.

What types of jobs will be available at the facility when it opens in 2019 and how do I apply for them?

The plant will have a fairly typical organizational structure. There will be a plant manager, an engineer and several operators. The company will begin hiring for those positions in 2019 and will likely post the jobs on NCWorks. In addition to the 8-10 direct hires, the plant will contract for services like trucking, security and maintenance, so the actual impact to the local economy will be greater.

Where, exactly, will the plant be built?

The facility will be built on a plot of land near the Pee Dee Electric Gas Turbine plant outside Lilesville. The plant will have a very small footprint, about 5 acres. 

When will construction begin?

Catawba Biogas expects to break ground in the fall of 2018.

I own a company that would be interested in providing products or services to Catawba Biogas, how can I contact them?

Catawba Biogas has expressed their desire to use local contractors to as great an extent as possible in the construction of the facility. Examples of things they will be needing are grading, plumbing and electrical work, general construction and security. Please contact with a description of your company and the products or services provided and we will forward your information to the company officials.


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